Zane Metz

Most kids like sports. A lot of kids love sports. Then there are those kids that live for sports. I LIVE FOR SPORTS.

I am Zane Lee Metz IV. The only thing that runs deeper than my family name is my love for sports. My earliest memories all involve sports. I taught myself to read by looking at the sports section in the newspaper and the ESPN app when I was 4. I love playing sports, but what I love just as much is to learn about the athletes and coaches as people. My parents tell me they wish I would remember my backpack and to throw away my Capri Sun straw wrappers as well as I do sports statistics. 


I have created ZSN Sports Network to give my passion an outlet and to share my love of sports with the world. This network will be one that I hope everyone enjoys. I am 10 years old and play baseball, basketball, golf and tennis. I also practice Japanese Jujitsu. 


I look forward to hearing from you, the viewers. I welcome and appreciate all feedback and content suggestions. You may send me an email at also please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Thank you for your support.




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